Power Plant

Monte Vista Projects, Los Angeles, CA, February 22 – March 24, 2013

Monte Vista Projects is pleased to present Power Plant, Steven L. Anderson’s solo exhibition of painting, drawing, video, and performances. Power Plant is a collection of strategies for charging, releasing, projecting, negating, and focusing energy. Spiraling, text-based drawings become tools for directing vibrations. A large “prayer rug” serves as a charging station for staging performative, creative actions. Tripods supporting video cameras appear as totemic signposts in the energy landscape. On the cameras’ tiny screens, short videos testify to the electricity one feels while exploring the wilderness, reaching a mountain’s summit, or encountering the sublime.

The rhythms of our daily lives, our politics and culture, and our technology surround us completely, encompassing us in white noise—but when we escape into the outdoors, we gain perspective. As our senses refocus, our bodies discover rhythms that can’t be represented on clocks. We begin to experience older, deeper rhythms, of energy flowing through and around us. The exhilaration of the human spirit fuses with the ferocious beauty of nature to make a palpable, tingling essence, and—if an artist is attuned—this energy can become a medium in itself.

The exhibition will feature lectures, performances, and workshops by Riah Buchanan, Shade Falcon, Robby Herbst, Charles Irvin, Los Angeles Mystery Project, Tom McKenzie, and Guru Rugu. Audiences are limited to 15 people. Schedule and sign-ups will be posted at the gallery and online at http://www.montevistaprojects.com/.