Thinking Like a Mountain

Steven L. Anderson: Thinking Like a Mountain, Gallery 1740, Atlanta, GA, August 26–October 22, 2022

Patterns of paint, collaged burlap, and layered fabric form tactile grounds over panel and canvas. These are punctuated by stenciled fern and leaf shapes, appliquéd mirrors, and representations of other visual cues seen while hiking in the wilderness. Lines drawn with paint and rope connect the dots into constellations, which act as symbols of an ineffable experience—that feeling of being in the woods.

The phrase “thinking like a mountain” connects these artworks to the writings of naturalist Aldo Leopold, and to the pre-battle meditations & rituals of ecowarriors of the late 20th century. It describes a change in perspective in which humans are but one part of our ecosystem, and hints at a larger, earthly consciousness.